About the Journal

Centre for Environment and Population Activities (CEPA) based in Enugu ,Nigeria was established in 23rd October, 1998 with Registration Number: EN006157.  The center  specializes in Social Sciences, Environmental Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Health Sciences and Technology, Rural Planning , Humanities, Business Administration  and Professional Practice.  It is a leading international publisher, serving Africa and the global academic communities. It also offers a range of environmental activities and programmes which includes: consultancy, seminars, and workshops.  Journal of Environmental Management and Safety  published by CEPA aims to: one, to encourage original scientific contributions on the challenges of Environmental Management ,Development  and Safety issues with particular emphasis on theory and applications ; and two, to draw together and disseminate lessons in these interest areas in Africa and across the world thereby providing fora for lively discussion. This journal focuses on publishing quality academic articles and research papers. ISSN (Print Copy) ISSN 2141-6206 ISSN (Online) ISSN 2141-1824