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Publications Sample

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Achumba, C., Uchegbu, S. N., Umoh, B.  and Ubani, O. (2009). Sustainable Urban Development; Impediment or Catalyst for Economic Growth, Journal of Applied Sciences ,Chyke-Cee Publishers, Nigeria, Vol 12, No 2, pp 8454-8466.

Ubani, O  and Uchegbu, S. N.   (2009 a). “Effective Solid Waste Management and Planning as a Tool for Achieving Sustainable Environment & Development in Enugu Metropolis, “: Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology (JSET) , Chyke-Cee Publishers, Nigeria Vol 16, No 2  pp 8765-8780.

Ubani, O. and Uchegbu, S. N. and (2009 b). Urban Infrastructure and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria: Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology (JSET), Chyke-Cee Publishers, Nigeria, Vol 16, No 2,  pp 8811-8827.

Uchegbu, S. N. (2009 a). “Effective planning and management as critical factors in urban water supply and management in Umuahia and Aba, Abia State, Nigeria “. Journal of the Physics and Chemistry of the earth., Elsevier Publishers Ltd Netherlands. Vol 34, pp 23-27,

Uchegbu, S. N. (2009 b). “The Relationship between the Quality of Surface Water Available for Domestic Consumption and Climatic Factors in Umuahia and Aba, Abia State, Nigeria “, Journal of Applied Sciences ,Chyke-Cee Publishers, Nigeria. Vol 12, No 1, pp 8355-8367,

Uchegbu, S. N., and Iroakazi, E. (2009 c). “Urban Planning and Management in a Depressed Economy: The Nigerian Experience “. Journal of Applied Sciences, Chyke-Cee Publishers, Nigeria ,Vol 12, No 2,  pp  8392-8407
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